Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy

Dr. Campise’s testimonial:


Last February I ran my first ultra-marathon. It was 32 miles long and climbed over 6,000 feet of elevation along the way! Needless to say it was very difficult. It took me about 9 hours to complete, which is not very fast compared to others but my goal was to finish it without any injuries and I accomplished that.


My biggest fear was the pain I would be in for the several days or weeks after the race.


I ran a regular marathon (26 miles) in high school where I was in severe pain even lying down for about 12 hours after. And I was in severe pain while walking for about 6 days after that high school marathon!


But this time…

After my very hilly ultra-marathon in February 2017, I was only moderately sore the next day, mildly sore the day after that, and almost no soreness at all by the third day after!


How was this possible? I’m not exactly sure, but I was using the full body red light therapy every daybefore and after the race and I know it had a huge role to play in both my success at finishing the race injury free and in my very fast almost pain-free recovery from the race.


How would red light do this? Nobody knows for sure. But it is known to reduce inflammation, increase cellular healing abilities, and increase cellular energy production. Not to mention it is known to be pain relieving in general.



Here are some videos about red light therapy (different company, but my light bed works even better):


Olympic Athletes testimonials


Tony Robbins testimonial


Ann’s fibromyalgia and arthritis testimonial


Weight lifter testimonial


Basketball (Phoenix Suns) testimonial


Oregon project testimonial


Study showing red light (670nm) helps Lyme Disease


And more recently we’ve discovered the effects of red light on the genetic expression of a multitude of functions:


Red light stimulates collagen production in the skin, reducing wrinkles


Red light increases production of glutathione (antioxidants) in the liver


Red light reduces aging of retinal disease and macular degeneration


Red light speeds up healing of burns by modifying genetic expression of the skin.


Red light improves immune function in the retina.


Red light stimulates the proliferation of stem cells


Looking Forward!

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