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Dr. John B. Campise, D.C. grew up in Fresno California as the fourth child of six. He graduated from San Joaquin Memorial High School with honors in 1995, having been the number one runner and team captain for the SJM cross-country team his Junior and Senior years.

In 1994, John received his 100 hours certificate of training from Clovis Adult School for the study and practice of Shiatsu/Acupressure therapy.

After high school, with a full tuition academic scholarship, John majored in Biology and minored in Religious Studies at Santa Clara University while running for the Broncos Division One cross-country team.

In 1997, John transferred to Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward California to begin his four year Doctor of  Chiropractic degree program.

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The Real Origins of Original Sin and Insanity

How could someone do that? The question we all ask when we hear about a fellow human physically or sexually harming someone, especially when it happens to children.

The more enlightened will often then say, “well, they are just literally insane, a sane person couldn’t do that.”

But is insanity really what we think it is? Is it a chemical imbalance or a genetic defect or a birth defect? Or is it actually just normal animal behavior being expressed by a human?

For 2.5 million years human ancestors (Homo Habilis and Homo erectus) evolved into what is today known as humanity, and for 75% of the last 200 thousand years, fully human humans (homo Sapiens) roamed the grasslands of Africa. READ MORE

The chiropractic program at Life West is a very intense study of human anatomy (including one year of cadaver dissection) physiology, biochemistry, neurology, nutrition, radiology, pathology, microbiology, gerontology, pediatrics, biomechanics, obstetrics, embryology, blood, urine, and saliva laboratory assessment, and diagnosis of hundreds of diseases and conditions. Study and internship at the Life West public clinic included ten separate chiropractic adjusting techniques and hundreds of treatments to real patients with a broad spectrum of conditions. He graduated with honors in 2001.