Could We Prevent Cancer Altogether?

The cover story in Popular Mechanics magazine sounded like curing cancer, and even PREVENTING cancer entirely was imminent! This is what I’ve been hearing from the vitamin D researchers for the past five years, with little public attention, maybe someone finally noticed that prevention is real and as simple as creating a mass D inoculation campaign! So I bought the magazine and read with great anticipation, hope, and excitement.

However, to my great consternation, only one sentence in the entire article talked about preventing cancer. The rest of it was detailing current efforts to treat cancer after the fact, with … wait for it… drugs, surgery, and radiation. And we’ve had “night and day” advances in results, the scientists proclaim!

But alas, they went on to mention that for many there are still horrible side effects, some as bad as the cancer itself.

And about how the FDA won’t approve many of the new successful cancer treatments due to safety and efficacy concerns. (If I’m going to die in three months, I’m so glad I cannot choose to try an experimental drug that might … kill… me … in three months? If it weren’t for the all knowing, benevolent, holy and wise FDA, I might accidentally make this horribly bad decision!)

Conspicuously absent from the article was any mention of the mountain of robust peer reviewed published research showing that cancer is largely, if not entirely, a vitamin D deficiency!

The article did mention and attempted to debunk the popular conspiracy theory that the cure for cancer is intentionally being suppressed out of corporate profit motives. But if you truly wanted to dissuade belief in the conspiracy, why ignore the 1000 pound gorilla that vitamin D research has become over the last ten years?

Here’s the facts about the cause of cancer:

50% of all-type cancer is prevented by maintaining blood levels of vitamin D at 40 ng/ml.

75% of all-type cancer is prevented by maintaining blood levels of vitamin D at 50 ng/ml.

Though the researchers oddly almost never discuss the data available for those with higher blood levels than 50ng/ml (presumably to prevent being labeled as an extremist or quack of some sort who shouldn’t be taken seriously), by simply looking at the data, it is clear that roughly 95% of cancer is prevented with vitamin D blood levels at 80 ng/ml, with zero chance of side effects!

There are roughly 650,000 cancer deaths each year in the US alone, while there are over 1 million new cancer cases each year.

If everyone had D levels of 80, that would translate into 950,000 fewer new cancer cases per year! Since we currently successfully cure about 35% of cancer cases that would mean only 17,500 yearly deaths from cancer compared to 950,000 currently!

To combat your news-media-induced paranoia about the dangers of too much D, rest assured D supplements are safer than water. It would be easier to die of water intoxication that it would to die or even get sick from D over dose. In fact a few people die every year from excessive water intake (usually endurance athletes), but to my knowledge, no documented cases of D overdose deaths have ever occurred, not even once.

A few caveats make the D/cancer connection nuanced. Once you contract cancer, D does very little to help you. In other words it prevents cancer but doesn’t cure it.
You need to have your D levels high for two years continuously in order to be protected. If you let your levels fall at any time, your risk goes back up.

If you smoke, have extreme levels of stress, get exposed to high levels of radiation or other poisons, or have certain rare genetic defects, D won’t be enough to counteract these cancer promoting situations.

There’s only one way to know if your D levels are high enough to prevent cancer, you must get a blood test twice yearly. Muscle testing or guessing based on one-size-fits-all D supplement dosing won’t work.

If your doctor orders yearly cholesterol blood tests for you but doesn’t order vitamin D tests, you need a new doctor. Cholesterol tests are one of the least valuable tests for your health status and vitamin D tests are one of the best.

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