Health News # 11: Healthy Snacks, Ideal Breakfasts & Very Low-Carb, High fat-burning fare

Health News # 11: Healthy Snacks, Ideal Breakfasts & Very Low-Carb, High fat-burning fare

Healthy Snacks & Travel Foods

Health-promoting snacks help you control blood-sugar levels, improve metabolism, help regulate stress, lower LDL cholesterol, burn more body fat, and increase energy levels without weight gain. Snacking can keep hunger away, and reduce cravings for sugar and other junk food.

Smart Snacking

Skipping meals, in particular breakfast, may be one of the worst habits. Instead, eat five or six smaller meals that add up to the same amount of food that you would eat during your regular routine. It can trigger thermogenesis—or heat production—an important post-meal metabolic boost that helps you burn fat.

Travel Food: Smart Snacks

One of the common problems with travel is finding nourishing food. The simple remedy for this is to bring your own.

Snacking smart and snacking frequently can help maintain great brain function. You’ll avoid the ravenous appetite in the evening, and won’t overeat at dinner, or snack on junk food later in the evening.

Top 10 Healthy Snacks

Here are my top-10 health-smart snacks and travel foods Most are easy to bring along when traveling.

1. Carrot and celery sticks. Add cucumbers, red peppers and other veggies—and sea salt!

2. Raw almonds or cashews carried in a small plastic bag.

3. A boiled egg or two

4. A small salad, adding cheese, eggs and/or meat makes for a hearty meal.

5. Fresh fruit. Add some full-fat cheese and it becomes a travel meal.

6. Plain unsweetened yogurt or sour cream with fresh fruit mixed in.

7. Leftovers.

8. Brie or other high-fat cheese with an apple or other fresh fruit.

9. A smoothie. Have one mid-morning or mid-afternoon.

10. Phil’s Bars. These time-tested great-tasting whole-meal bars have complete proteins and fats, and will last days out of the refrigerator. Made with less honey and a touch of coconut oil, these bars are also a good low-carb snack or travel food.

These snacks can also serve as a small meal when you’re traveling. READ MORE

Three Ideal Breakfasts

The breakfast of champions is not some convenient, highly processed cereal with skim milk, junk food pancakes or just a cup of black coffee.

Food like this can trash your health and fitness. Rapid conversion of processed flour to sugar will trigger too much insulin, converting up to half of that carbohydrate meal into stored fat. The drop in blood sugar that quickly follows can make you hungry all day long. The adrenal glands will try to adapt to the cascade of biochemical stresses.

Here are three meals that are quick, nourishing, and will improve your human performance no matter the tasks ahead.

1. Phil’s Shake

Here’s a large one-serving recipe. In a good blender add:
2 very soft cooked eggs
1 apple, pear, peach, or the best in-season fruits
½ cup blueberries
1 tablespoon raw whole sesame and or flax seeds
1 small or medium carrot
Fresh greens: varying amounts of parsley, young kale, spinach, or broccoli sprouts or others
½-inch piece of fresh ginger root
8 ounces water
Mix well.
(Lightly soft-boil a dozen eggs at a time and keep them refrigerated, which makes preparation for this shake about five or six minutes.)

2. Hearty Omelet
Dice onions, red peppers, mushrooms or other vegetables and sauté in butter or ghee.
When half-cooked add two eggs and mix well. Cover until done.
Options: add cheese, top with sour cream and or tomatoes.
Total time is under seven minutes.

3. Phil’s Fat-Burning Coffee

This recipe is for 1½ to 2 cups of coffee.
In a tall jar, add about ¼ cup heavy cream, a raw egg yolk, and a tablespoon of raw organic coconut oil.
Add a small amount of hot coffee and mix with a hand blender.
Add the remaining coffee, pour into a relaxing mug, and enjoy!
(Total time is about a minute more than it takes to brew the coffee.)
A healthy breakfast is enjoyable, fast, and sets up your metabolism to burn more body fat all day for high mental and physical energy. Don’t leave home without it. READ MORE

A Very Low-Carb Day: A high fat-burning fare

If you want to control insulin to increase fat burning significantly, please spend your carbohydrate “currency” wisely. This menu has various sources of carbohydrates totaling 50 grams per day, which, for many people, may start measurable ketosis.

Those with too much body fat, elevating blood pressure, cholesterol or triglyceride problems, and many other health problems can be controlled and usually eliminated by reducing insulin.

You can spend your carbohydrate currency different ways.

For example,

if you want to eat more healthy fudge, reduce the amount of apple in the smoothie

Avoid eliminating the highly nutritious items, such as the various vegetables or important protein sources from this menu.

You can easily adjust the total calories by increasing the protein, fat and low/no carbohydrate vegetables proportionately.

Substituting other protein foods are fine, such as chicken for duck, or beef instead of salmon. Adding more eggs, or healthy cheese is a good option too.

This approach is based on total carbohydrate intake, with very low levels significantly increasing fat burning, while raising the levels of ketone bodies as previously discussed.

Below is a full day’s menu containing 2,000 calories, with 50 grams of carbohydrates.

The Very Low-Carbohydrate, Adequate Protein, High Fat Menu


1. Phil’s Fat-Burning Coffee


2. Eggs with sautéed zucchini (in a moderate amount of butter) with fresh tomatoes.
Salad of mixed raw vegetables with a half avocado and 3 ounces raw or lightly cooked wild salmon in butter.
Dressing: Extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
Mid-afternoon Smoothie
1-2 eggs
Raw vegetables (spinach, carrot)
Raw sesame seeds, 1 tablespoon
½ small fresh apple
¼ cup blueberries
6 oz water
Cooked broccoli in butter and garlic
Duck (with skin)
4 oz red wine
1½ ounces homemade Fast Fudge (see Recipes!)

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