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Dr. Campise is training using the Maffetone method to do long distance trail running and ultra marathon events. If all goes well, he may even attempt a Pacific Crest Trail time record in the next 2-3 years. Health is his primary goal. Many of the long distance athletes today are sacrificing health for fitness and performance. It doesn’t need to be this way. Dr. Campise believes that a healthy body produces the fastest times in the long run. He is now 40 years old, but the longer the running event, the older you can be in general and still perform at world class levels. During his high school and college days, he ran 5K and 8k races at around the 5:30 minute pace. But most of the training was too focused on speed workouts and total mileage, rather than on creating muscular aerobics and endurance with heart rate monitoring and adequate rest and proper diet.
During the last 20 years, he has not trained or raced more than causally, and actually hardly at all. Until now.

Below find the links to Dr. Campise’s workouts and races with comments as he begins for the first time to train with health as his primary focus, using the Maffetone method. Feel free to ask questions or comment as you like.

Carbon load made hands and feet bloated, 1st barefoot trail run

Afternoon Run – April 8, 2017

Night Run – April 7, 2017

Night Run – April 6, 2017

Morning Run – April 4, 2017

Night Run – April 2, 2017

Night Run March 30, 2017

Night Run March 22, 2017

My diablo 2



Evening Run Feb 23, 2017


2nd Barefoot Run Feb 22, 2017

Evening Run Feb 21, 2017

First barefoot run, 15 sec/mile faster. Lots of new sensation!

Night Run Feb 6, 2017

Afternoon Run Feb 5, 2017

Morning Run Feb 4, 2017 (2nd)

Morning Run Feb 4, 2017

Afternoon Run Feb 3, 2017

Lunch Run Jan 24, 2017

Afternoon Run Jan 17, 2017

I hate cows Jan 14, 2017

Evening Run Jan 13, 2017

Afternoon Run Jan 12, 2017

Afternoon Run Jan 10, 2017

Cow surprise Dec 31, 2016

6lb pack, vits and cno during run Dec 29, 2016

Afternoon Run Dec 24, 2016

Mt Diablo Summit Hill Workout Dec 22, 2016

Hill Workout Dec 18, 2016

Night Run Dec 16, 2016

Lunch Run Dec 13, 2016

Afternoon Run Dec 11, 2016