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If you have read my articles and find that:

  •  my health philosophy matches your own,
  •  that what I write makes sense, and
  •  you wish that you lived closer so that you could get my advice then my new Wellness Consulting Program is just what the doctor ordered!


The Platinum Package

24 weeks program with Dr. Campise using cutting edge, holistic, and effective protocols for your specific health situation What you get:

  • Custom detailed health questionnaires tailored to your specific health concerns that will help Dr. Campise pinpoint the underlying roadblocks that are preventing you from having the quality of life that you desire.
  • Dr. Campise will review your previous lab test results, x-ray, MRI, and CT radiologist reports, and previous doctor reports, if applicable.
  • 20 minute Skype initial consultation with Dr. Campise.
  • 20 minute Skype Report of Findings: Custom detailed health and wellness plan of action from Dr. Campise, including custom recommendations for diet, supplements, detox protocols, stress relief, and exercise protocols aimed at creating optimal wellness in your body, mind, and life.
  • Unlimited email questions for the duration of the program: ask Dr. Campise about your wellness plan, new issues that arise, or new lab or imaging results.
  • Progress evaluation and updated wellness plan by Dr. Campise every 6 weeks during your package via questionnaires and email correspondence.
  • Additional Skype consultations if desired during plan at a discounted rate. All of the above for $3,000.00. Our Refund Policy : If not satisfied, quit at any time and receive a prorated refund.


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Case study #1

This patient had constant low back pain, Hashimoto’s thyroid autoimmune disease verified by high anti-bodies on blood testing, obesity, chronic feet pain worse when walking, trouble sleeping at night, and signs of anxiety and depression.

After having no success with her local health practitioners, she sought out my consulting advice. After reviewing her case I agreed to help her by giving her several recommendations including specific diet and supplement protocols that I have had success using with patients that have Hashimoto’s. Additionally I gave her specific ways to help her lower her inflammation levels to start reducing her pain. And I gave her things to do to improve her sleep quality. From the custom made health questionnaires that I had her fill out for me, I discovered that she had an underlying blood sugar handling issue that had not been diagnosed before, so I created a plan to address this. Altogether I created a six month plan with re-evaluations every 6 weeks to make sure she was progressing and to tweak the plan as needed.

She asked me questions about her plan as they arose via email, as well as regarding changes in her condition that had her worried.

Within the first 6 weeks she reported losing 6 pounds, having more energy, sleeping better most nights, and having 50% less pain in the back and feet! We are now at the 5 month point and she has lost 25 pounds, rarely ever has pain, sleeps well consistently, and just got her most recent thyroid anti-bodies test results from her MD and she officially no longer has Hashimoto’s disease!



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Refund Policy : If not satisfied, quit at any time and receive a prorated refund.