Online Health Consulting

Ask Dr. Campise from home, work or anywhere.
You can connect and ask Dr. Campise anytime.
Get an expert opinion on anything

Here’s how it works:

1. Explain your health concern. Describe your medical issue. Don’t hold back

2. Choose how you want an answer. Research our Q&A database or you can ask in a public forum, in a private email or through Skype private message.

3. Get quick healthcare advice. Get personalized advice from Dr. Campise about your health concern. It’s patient-centric healthcare that works for you and around your schedule.



Q & A Archive Access

Patients at the Fresno office are allowed to email Dr. Campise with health questions during their treatment plan. These questions and answers were rounded up and put in the &A database. If your question is not in our database you can ask Dr. Campise through our Online Health Forum where he can answer your important health questions.


$49/per year

Distance Consulting Access

Ask Dr. Campise questions about your health online. We are using a private email ticketing system. Just log in to your account and create an email ticket, put in your question and send. Dr. Campise will answer your email within the day. Only you will have access and your communication will be completely private.



Full Online Health Consulting Service Access

1. Skype one on one consulting
2. Diet plans
3. Supplements plans
4. Exercise plans
5. Laboratory tests review.

Includes Q & A Archive Access and Distance Consulting Access.




Let’s clear those doubts

1. What happens if I don’t get a response?

You’re assured a response with Dr. Campise. We’ll ensure you get a response in 1-3 hours (between 10AM – 8PM) and if you don’t get a response in time, we’ll refund your money. No questions asked!

2. Will the doctor be able to solve my medical issue?

Dr. Campise will give you a qualified opinion on your health issue and help you identify next steps which may include further tests, a prescription or lifestyle tips. On the off chance that Dr. Campise can’t form a conclusive diagnosis without a physical examination, he will cancel the consultation & refund your money.

3. What’s your money back policy?

We have a ‘worry-free’ refund policy. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your online consultation, simply reach out to us on and we’ll refund your money.

4. Is a consultation with Dr. Campise private?

Every question or consultation is completely private & confidential. When you ask in a public forum, only your username can be seen. Your question & answer is displayed anonymously and any private consultation is completely private between you and your doctor.