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Dr. John B. Campise, D.C. grew up in Fresno California as the fourth child of six. He graduated from San Joaquin Memorial High School with honors in 1995, having been the number one runner and team captain for the SJM cross-country team his Junior and Senior years.

In 1994, John received his 100 hours certificate of training from Clovis Adult School for the study and practice of Shiatsu/Acupressure therapy.

After high school, with a full tuition academic scholarship, John majored in Biology and minored in Religious Studies at Santa Clara University while running for the Broncos Division One cross-country team.

In 1997, John transferred to Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward California to begin his four year Doctor of  Chiropractic degree program.

Alkaline Water Diet, Good or Bad?

Published on: Jan 13, 2017

Alkaline water and diet, good or bad? Alkaline water and the alkaline diet fad.

Is alkaline water good for me?

No, it is not.

Why do some people drink alkaline water?

There is a popular thought that if you drink alkaline water, it will make your body alkaline. Most people who have ailments have bodies that are too acidic. So some think therefore that the cure for illness is to make your body more alkaline and they think that alkaline water is the easiest way to do this. Many drink alkaline water who are not sick but are hoping to prevent future ailments, but it doesn’t work.

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The chiropractic program at Life West is a very intense study of human anatomy (including one year of cadaver dissection), physiology, biochemistry, neurology, nutrition, radiology, pathology, microbiology, gerontology, pediatrics, biomechanics, obstetrics, embryology, blood, urine, and saliva laboratory assessment, and diagnosis of hundreds of diseases and conditions. Study and internship at the Life West public clinic included ten separate chiropractic adjusting techniques and hundreds of treatments to real patients with a broad spectrum of conditions. He graduated with honors in 2001.

Since his enrollment at Life West, Dr. Campise has taken hundreds of hours of post-graduate classes updating and specializing his knowledge to better help patients with hard to treat chronic conditions. Post-graduate course topics include:

Advanced Neurology: alternative diagnosis and natural neurological treatments and therapies.

Applied Kinesiology: holistic approach to diagnosing and treating the body from an alternative perspective utilizing manual muscle testing, posture assessment, lab testing, x-rays, MRI, and detailed history to find the hidden cause of each individual’s condition. The discipline draws from acupuncture theory, osteopathy theory, chiropractic theory, and many others.

Neuro Emotional Technique (NET): a quick and simple way to find and treat the underlying emotion and memory that is stuck in your acupuncture meridian system which is keeping your body from healing faster. Many traditional mind therapists are beginning to use this technique to help people heal emotionally in much less time than traditional talk therapies.

Homeopathy: an all natural, safe, and effective way to stimulate the vital life force energy within you.

Nutritional Therapy: when indicated, concentrated foods and nutrients can speed up the recovery process, without which, some conditions may never fully heal.

Herbal Therapy: there are no herbal resistant bacteria that exist today, all infections (bacteria, yeast, viral, parasite, fungus, mold, etc.) can be successfully treated with herbs when administered appropriately.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: when used in conjunction with other therapies, hyperbaric therapy speeds up the healing process exponentially.

Brain disorders: alternative, holistic, natural treatment and therapy for a variety of brain disorders both traumatic and non-traumatic, both in the young and the old.
And many others…
Dr. Campise is currently taking advanced classes on relaxation techniques that allow your body’s nerve, blood, acupuncture meridian, and vital life forces to optimally flow in order to allow the body to heal and stay healthy. Along with this is taught techniques for peaceful resolution to conflict both within one’s body and within relationship with others. Side effects of the program are improved body and mind awareness throughout one’s daily life as well as dynamic self-defense techniques.

In May, 2008 Dr. Campise self-published his first book, The Simplicity Factor: Ending the Insanity of Toxins, Pollution, and the 30-Year Mortgage. It is currently available on Amazon.com. He is currently working on his next book for athletes, The Simplicity Factor: Stronger and Quicker, Faster.

Dr. Campise is currently working on opening a school to teach massage, chiropractic, and other physical therapists how to improve their body therapy skills while at the same time keeping their own bodies healthy so they can practice for years to come while avoiding personal injury. The school is for both new students and well seasoned therapists and practitioners alike. Those wishing to learn ways to keep their own bodies healthy and to work on friends and family as a hobby will be encouraged to take the classes as well. Along with the school there will be a low cost massage clinic for the public so that the students can gain lots of experience quickly.

With the economic and health care crises looming overhead, Dr. Campise wants to help make alternative, natural, holistic health care available to everyone, regardless of income or insurance status. His upcoming massage clinic will be the first step in his plan. Next he is designing a low cost hyperbaric system which will make this powerful holistic therapy more available to the masses. Then he is designing very inexpensive (and free to the very poor) educational material for how to stay healthy on a budget so that you can avoid expensive drugs and surgery.